First Time Owner Program




First Time Owner Lease Program

Effective April 2, 2019 

Mazda Capital Services is pleased to offer a First Time Owner lease program. This program is intended for first time applicants who may not qualify under standard lease policy due to limited credit. The criteria below can assist in determining who may qualify under this program. 

Mazda Drive First Owner Lease 


Credit Qualifications:  

  • Trade lines: From 1-4 trade lines or credit bureau report file time is 25 months or less  
  • No derogatory credit 


  • No prior vehicle credit 

Vehicle Eligibility:  

  • New Mazda vehicles 

Products, Available Terms & Advance:  

Lease Only: 

  • Max Term up to 39 months 

Maximum Capitalized Cost:  

  • $35,000 


  • Minimum of 1 year of employment with current employer. We must be able to verify stated income  
  • Proof of residence  
  • Proof of insurance



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